The industry in Mexico is very variated. Currently the most relevant industries in Mexico are:

  • Automotive. It is currently the fastest growing industry. Mexico is the fourth largest car producer in the world.
  • Aviation. Mexico is the country with the largest foreign investment in the world in this area. Its growth is 17% per year (2004-2014).
  • Pharmaceutical. 20 of the 25 most important companies of this industry worldwide are in Mexico. A production of 24 billion of dollars is expected for 2020.
  • Home appliances. Number one producer worldwide of refrigerators with freezer. Second place worldwide of refrigerating machines and electric water heaters.
  • Foods and drinks. Second largest provider of processed food of the United States.
  • Energy. Mexico produces more than 3% of the world’s oil. It’s the fourth country in global Shale gas reserves. 25% of the energy generated in Mexico is produced by renewable sources.


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