Partnership with MB Instrumentos

MB Instrumentos is a company dedicated to offer measuring, testing, diagnosis, and analysis solutions by means of products and services of excellent quality. We know that clients need something more than just an instrument; they need the support of an expert when they need him and our goal is to, precisely, provide support to our clients at all times.


The company is a young company founded on March 1st, 2011. In spite of being a young company, it has consolidated as one of the most important companies that provide measuring equipment in the country. The experience of its executives and managers is mainly in areas of calibration and measurement of a great variety of magnitudes, areas in which all of them have, at least, 15 years of experience facing diverse problems in the field. In addition to courses they have had overseas and even specialties in national metrology labs.

Originally the company started with 8 employees, we currently have a staff of almost 30 employees. We have distributors in some major cities in the country; these distribute certain brands in a regional way with which we guarantee a better coverage where it is needed.

The products we offer are divided in three main areas:

  • Calibration: Metrology equipment ranging from portable calibrators to primary references standards in variables like pressure, temperature, mass, flow, humidity, force, torque, displacement, noise, vibration, frequency, time and electric variables.
  • Noise and vibration: We have from sensors like microphones and accelerometers up to complete systems for measurements, diagnosis, testing, and analysis of noise and vibrations in a great variety of products.
  • Process: Instruments of a great variety to measure, control, test, diagnose, or analyze a product or process. We cover all the measurement or testing chain from the sensor to the monitor, recorder, analyzer or controller. We even have the instrumentation to wirelessly upload the measurements to the cloud.

Our portfolio of more than 18,000 contacts is composed of manufacturers and service providers of different types. Our portfolio includes universities, investigation centers, automotive, aeronautical, electrical appliances and electronics manufacturers, food and drink producers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and also companies in the energetic sector (oil, gas and generation of electric energy) among many others.

We carefully select our commercial partners. What we look for in a partner is:

  • Quality products
  • Technical and sales support
  • Training
  • Guarantee
  • Expedite communication
  • Literature (Manuals, brochures, application notes)
  • Marketing tools

Our commitment as a distributor of any brand is the search for positioning and increased sales in the territory assigned to us. We make different sales and marketing activities like:

  • Web page. Our web page is designed so that it is clear and easy for our clients to find the product or service that they need. The page contains the most important products of every brand with a brief description in Spanish. We also provide chat on line during our business hours.
  • Shows. We attend specialized shows that we consider are important to create presence and obtain prospects.
  • Electronic newsletters. We have four newsletters, which are distributed biweekly through email to the people that wish to receive it. In these newsletters we try to broadcast useful application notes for our clients and we also advertise new products.
  • Trainings. We organize workshops, conferences, courses, and even particular trainings of general interest subjects.
  • Visits. Definitely the best approach we can have with the client is to visit him in one of his facilities to learn firsthand about their needs.
  • Social network. We have presence in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

The industry in Mexico is very variated. Currently the most relevant industries in Mexico are:

  • Automotive. It is currently the fastest growing industry. Mexico is the fourth largest car producer in the world.
  • Aviation. Mexico is the country with the largest foreign investment in the world in this area. Its growth is 17% per year (2004-2014).
  • Pharmaceutical. 20 of the 25 most important companies of this industry worldwide are in Mexico. A production of 24 billion of dollars is expected for 2020.
  • Home appliances. Number one producer worldwide of refrigerators with freezer. Second place worldwide of refrigerating machines and electric water heaters.
  • Foods and drinks. Second largest provider of processed food of the United States.
  • Energy. Mexico produces more than 3% of the world’s oil. It’s the fourth country in global Shale gas reserves. 25% of the energy generated in Mexico is produced by renewable sources.


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